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We LOVE Reading

At WIS, we love reading so much. Each week children recommend a book to the rest of the school that they love reading at the moment.


Once again, we have received so many reading recommendations that I have shared them here.


Ivy (Pouncing Polar Bears) LOVES reading Ivy the Worry Fairy because she likes it when Kirsty and Ivy save Rachel from Jack Frost's palace.


Livvy (Dashing Dolphins) LOVES reading The Lion Inside because she likes it when the lion is scared of the mouse.


Emily (Brave Butterflies) LOVES reading The Haunted House because she likes it when it looks like the witch is dancing with the ghosts and when she puts the ghosts in the washing machine.


Miami (Positive Peacocks) LOVES reading The Eating Monster with the see-through tummy because she likes the page when the monster is getting bigger and bigger and you can see what it has eaten.


Oliver (Pouncing Polar Bears) LOVES reading Pokemon Encyclopedia because it shows you every Pokemon's mech evolutions.


Ronnie (Pouncing Polar Bears) LOVES reading Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plots of Professor Poopypants because he likes it when it says 'please don't fart in a nappy full of poop'.


Alex (Pouncing Polar Bears) LOVES reading Fantastic Mr Fox because she likes it when Mr Fox dances around inside the chicken house. She also loves Fantastically Great Women, Scientists and their Stories because it tells you about an astronaut called Mae Jemison and she likes astronauts.


Harriet (Pouncing Polar Bears) LOVES reading The Book with No Pictures because she likes the song on one of the pages.


Esila (Lovely Lions) LOVES reading Little Elizabeth: The Young Princess Who Became Queen because she likes the page when Elizabeth is a baby. She also loves My Mums Love Me because she likes it when both of the mummies are singing to the baby.


Teddy (Lovely Lions) LOVES reading How Can I Help Rosy the Bumblebee? because he likes the page when Rosy is sleeping because she is tried.


Molly (Lovely Lions) LOVES reading Little People, Big Dreams - Florence Nightingale because it teachers people about being kind and helping others.


Finlay (Positive Peacocks) LOVES reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because it is really funny.

Annabelle (Brave Butterflies) LOVES reading Daisy Tiger Ways because she likes it when Daisy is pretending to be a tiger and tries hiding behind her paws (hands).


Annie (Lovely Lions) LOVES reading You Choose Fairy Tales because she thinks it is funny when the king is naked.


Emily (Lovely Lions) LOVES reading My First Wonder Woman Book because she likes that Wonder Woman can disguise herself.


Harvey (Lovely Lions) LOVES reading Octopants because the octopus thinks he needs to have pants but he actually needs a vest.


Dylan (Dashing Dolphins) LOVES reading Ultimate Football Heroes: De Bruyne and Ultimate Football Heroes: Salah because they tell you all about their lives.