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Key Stage 1

Our curriculum has been carefully designed, using an interleaving approach, to ensure changes are made to the children’s long-term memory. We teach the National Curriculum using a mastery approach, providing a high-quality education for all children.


Our curriculum is implemented in a way we feel will give all children the best opportunity to ensure changes are made to their long-term memory. Not only do we want to deliver intellectually stimulating learning, but we also want all learning to remain with the children as they progress through our school.


In key stage 1, we have split our academic year into three terms: autumn, spring and summer, and in key stage 1 we have assigned ‘key concepts’ or ‘key areas’ to each foundation subject and science. The key concepts and areas are ways of working that are fundamental to each subject. This is best described as ‘what makes a historian/artist/geographer/musician?’ etc. It is through these key concepts and areas that the subject-specific programme of study from the National Curriculum will be taught, including non-National Curriculum content that we feel is important for children living in our community.


The subject content is taught, explored and discussed through each of the key concepts and areas. This interleaving approach allows for all subject-specific content to be revisited multiple times during the year and key stage. Our foundation subject content has not been divided between year groups: all the content will be delivered in years 1 and 2.