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Be Kind. Be Brave. Be Happy.

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Vision, Values and Aims


At Woodthorpe Infant School, our vision is for the entire school community to be bravebe kind, and be happy. Be kind refers to being caring and sympathetic to one another, but also to the way we communicate feedback and support each other. Be brave reflects our ‘curriculum driver’ to promote resilience and appropriate risk-taking – not being afraid to make mistakes in our teaching, learning and parenting. Be happy represents our desire to teach, learn and experience things that make us happy, thus increasing our motivation and engagement. We firmly believe that happy staff make happy children, and happy children make happy parents.



Our values are based on our 'learning powers' and reflect the way we work, behave and learn. We use them to achieve our vision.

  1. Show RESPECT at all times.
  2. Be RESOURCEFUL when learning.
  3. Have RESILIENCE when challenged.
  4. Be REFLECTIVE to adapt and develop.
  5. Use RECIPROCITY to share and improve. 



  • to create a happy, secure, caring and stimulating environment, where children develop an enthusiasm for learning
  • to encourage each child to achieve their full potential
  • to maintain high standards
  • to teach pupils to value and respect themselves and other people
  • to celebrate success
  • to develop positive moral attitudes within a flexible and caring community
  • to encourage enquiring minds and a sense of curiosity to enrich the whole of each child's life
  • to foster a love of written and spoken literature and to develop children's skills, independence and enthusiasm for all aspects of literacy
  • to develop pupils' mathematical skills and knowledge for them to use appropriately and independently.
  • to develop pupils' physical coordination and refine their manipulative skills
  • to promote respect for religious beliefs and cultures
  • to teach pupils to care for their environment and become good citizens of the world
  • to promote a healthy lifestyle
  • to stimulate children's creativity and imagination and their independence in expressing their own ideas