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Reading Recommendations

At WIS, we love reading so much. Each week children recommend a book to the rest of the school that they love reading at the moment. This week we have received so many reading recommendations that I thought it best to share them here.


Louis (Lovely Lions) LOVES reading Lift-the-flap Questions and Answers about Space because he likes the astronaut page.


Georgia (Dashing Dolphins) LOVES reading The Book with No Pictures because towards the end it makes you read and say funny things.


Dhilan (Lovely Lions) LOVES reading The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet! and Poo in the Zoo because they are funny and they poo everywhere!


Ivy (Pouncing Polar Bears) LOVES reading Malala's Magic Pencil because she likes it when Malala writes about how much she loved school even when there are bad guys on the street.


Coralie (Lovely Lions) LOVES reading Dog Gone because she likes it at the end when the dog thinks there is a troll, but it turns out to be a friendly person.


Theo (Bold Bees) LOVES reading Alfie and Bet’s ABC because on one of the pages there is a hot dog kite.


Teddy (Bold Bees) LOVES reading Oi Duck-Billed Platypus! because he thinks it is funny when the kangaroo sits in the jelly and the platypus trumps.


Jasper (Lovely Lions) LOVES reading Brave because it tells you how to be brave.


Alfie (Lovely Lions) LOVES reading Could a Shark do Gymnastics? because he likes the last page where there is a postcard from a shark.


Nathaniel (Lovely Lions) LOVES reading Supertato: Veggies Assemble because he likes it when the superveggies save the supermarket.


Emily (Lovely Lions) LOVES reading Polar Adventures because she likes the page at the end where the sky glows.  


Thomas (Pouncing Polar Bears) LOVES reading Stories for Boys Who Dare to be Different because it has lots of boys who changed the world.


Faris (Pouncing Polar Bears) LOVES reading Welcome to Our World because it is a celebration of different children from around the world.


Adrian (Brave Butterflies) LOVES reading Funny Stories for 5 Year Olds because it is really funny.