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Reading Recommendations

At WIS, we love reading so much. Each week children recommend a book to the rest of the school that they love reading at the moment. If your child would like to recommend a book, they can bring it in to school and show it to Mr Hopkinson.


Finlay (Perky Pandas) LOVES reading Yuck! because the boy throws his underwear on his sister's head.

Leon (Courageous Caterpillars) LOVES reading Spider-Man High Voltage! because Peter Parker knows when there is danger.

Daphne (Courageous Caterpillars) LOVES reading Spinderella because you have to count.

Edith (Courageous Caterpillar) LOVES reading Human Body: What do you want to find out? because it shows you how the human body gets bigger.

Evie (Courageous Caterpillar) LOVES reading The Unbelievable Truth About Unicorns because the unicorn vomits rainbows.

Violet (Courageous Caterpillar) LOVES reading Weird because she likes the page with the rhino on because it is really funny.

Teddy (Courageous Caterpillar) LOVES reading Zog because he likes it when the dragons go upside down.

Cohen (Brilliant Bunnies) LOVES reading Doodle Bites because it is funny when he bites the elephant's bottom.

Phoebe (Brilliant Bunnies) LOVES reading Dogs because it is funny.

Isaac (Brilliant Bunnies) LOVES reading Go tell it to the toucan because he likes the page that shows you what all the animals said to each other.

Grace (Brilliant Bunnies) LOVES reading Paddington Out and About because she likes going on holiday and likes it when Paddington goes on holiday.

Alice (Courageous Caterpillars) LOVES reading The Big Breakfast because Biff has to put powder on all of the wigs.

Harry (Curious Crabs) LOVES reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway because he likes it when the boy nearly breaks the banana boat.

Molly (Curious Crabs) LOVES reading Little People, Big Dreams: Marie Curie because she likes the page when Marie hugs Pierre.

Toby (Curious Crabs) LOVES reading Pokemon: Ash's Big Challenge because Ash gets a new friend.

Leo (Brilliant Bunnies) LOVES reading There was a Wee Lassie who swallowed a Midgie because he likes it when all of the animals get washed out of her.

Alfie (Brilliant Bunnies) LOVES reading Whatever Next! because Baby Bear pretends the cardboard box is a rocket.

Coralie (Curious Crabs) LOVES reading Look Up! because she likes it when the dinosaur breathes out fire.

Evelyn (Brilliant Bunnies) LOVES reading Dinosaurs Love Underpants because she likes it when the dinosaurs are fighting with the pants.

Gabriel (Brilliant Bunnies) LOVES reading Ten Minutes to Bed Little Dinosaur because he likes the page with all of the dinosaurs in because he likes flying and walking animals.