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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2


Welcome to year 2! We have a fantastic year planned for our lovely year 2 children and are so excited to work with you to ensure that your child is enjoying school life. In class 5 the teachers are Ms McGuinness and Mrs Bright and in class 6 the teacher is Miss Bartlam. Our door is always open and if you have any questions, worries or concerns please do come and have a chat with us. Together we are going to make this year a wonderful experience for the children. To see a sample of our computing work over the year see the class 5 display board and the class 6 display board




Super Scientists at the Phiz Lab

Week beginning 10.2.20


Well inspite of the weather, we all had a wonderful scientific learning experience at the 'Phiz Lab'. We carried out two really interesting science investigations. We investigated how best to shape some play dough to enable it to float. Once we had managed to get the play dough floating, we added some weights to see if we could keep it floating!  Our other investigation involved working out which light source was best, a candle or a torch. We then looked at different materials to see which would allow light to travel through it. Even though the weather tried to spoil the trip, our resilient WIS kids still had a fantastic day.



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Outstanding Olympians

Week beginning 10.2.20


This week we have also had a visit from Sam Oldham an Olympic gymnast! He talked about how resilient you must be if you want to do well at any sport. Sam showed us lots of tricky exercises to do and we had lots of fun with him. Our own brilliant gymnasts were able to show Sam some very difficult exercises too!

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Our Bestwood Trip

Week beginning 3.2.20


What a fantastic trip we had on Wednesday! It was a beautiful day and we had so much fun. We all bounced into school and set off for Bestwood Country Park. We spent the day making dens, toasting marshmallows on a fire and orienteering. Our dens were really impressive and some even had a seating area and more than one room! The orienteering wasn't easy but everyone was very resilient (especially our grown ups) and we didn't give up. A huge thank you to everyone who gave up their time to help out. You were all brilliant!


Our Synagogue Visit

Week beginning 27.1.20


A huge thank you to all our parent helpers for coming along to the synagogue with us. It was so much fun and a great learning experience. Norman the Rabbi welcomed us to the synagogue in Sherwood and we found out so many interesting facts about Judaism. Norman even showed us the Torah! We were allowed to examine lots of Jewish artefacts and loved looking at the beautiful stained glass in the synagogue. We will be finding out lots more about the Jewish faith over the next few weeks and this visit really brought our learning to life! Everyone behaved beautifully too. Well done year 2.

Magical mathematicians and awesome authors!

Week beginning 20.1.20


We have been working so hard in our Literacy and Maths lessons this week! In Maths, we have been exploring multiplication and division. We used a cake tin to help us split cubes into multiples and help us remember our golden rule that all groups must be equal. In Literacy, we have been reading a beautiful new book called 'Leaf'. Leaf is a story is about a young polar bear who finds himself in the wild wood and far away from his family, it follows him on his adventure to get back home to the arctic. We have been using our knowledge of adjectives and adverbs to rewrite some sentences from the story, take a look at what we came up with.

​​​​​​Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy

Week beginning 13.1.20


Over the last two weeks, we have been exploring different sculptures in our Art lessons. We have discussed what a sculpture is, how they can be made and have even looked at some very famous sculptures all over the world. This week we have been learning about Andy Goldsworthy, a famous sculptor who uses themes and resources from the natural environment to create his sculptures. To understand Andy's sculptures a little bit more we used his style of work as inspiration for our own sculptures. We collected all of our own resources from the playground and are really proud of the sculptures we made! Take a look a some below.

Welcome Back!

Week beginning 6.1.20


We wanted to say a big hello and welcome back to year 2! We are really glad that you all had a safe and happy Christmas and have really enjoyed hearing about all the festive things you did over the holidays. We also cannot believe how quickly you have all settled back into school again and we are so proud of you for coming back with big smiles and an eagerness to learn. There are lots of exciting things to look forward to this term so please keep checking our website to stay up to date with everything that we are doing.

Our last week at school

Week beginning 16.12.19


What a brilliant term it has been! We have had such a busy week to celebrate Christmas and the end of the Autumn term. On Wednesday we put on our best party outfits and had some great Christmas games and we were even treated to a special visit from Santa himself! Thank you so much for all of your generous cards, gifts and well wishes as well as your continued support throughout the term. We want to wish you all a lovely Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in 2020!




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Our Nativity!

Week beginning 09.12.19


We have had a brilliant week! It was finally time to perform to you all and welcome you to 'Busy Busy Bethlehem'. We have been showing great reciprocity when we have been practicing for our nativity and are so happy that so many of you came to watch us perform. Our teachers are really proud of the bravery we showed this week, we hope you enjoyed it just as much as we did! Next week is the last week at school before Christmas and we have so many exciting things planned. Don't forget that we need to wear our best party clothes on Wednesday!

Starting the countdown to Christmas

Week beginning 2.12.19


We started the countdown to Christmas in year 2 this week with a visit to Woodthorpe Manor Nursing Home. We have been practising some Christmas songs over the last few weeks and really enjoyed getting to perform them to the residents and staff. We also celebrated the festive season on Friday afternoon when we had our school Christmas fair. We have been making reindeer hot chocolate and reindeer food in our classes to sell at the fair and there were lots of other stalls and games for us to have a look around. Some of us even got to throw wet sponges at Ms M when she was in the stocks! We are really looking forward to our Nativity performances next week and hope that you enjoy it just as much as we do!

Busy Busy Bethlehem!

Week beginning 18.11.19


This week we have been continuing with the preparation for our Christmas nativity.  We have learnt lots of new songs and added some great actions to go with them. To make sure everybody can hear us, we have also been practicing projecting our voices.  Our teachers wanted to say a huge thank you for your support at home when we are learning our lines and for bringing in costumes for us to wear. We can't wait to perform to you in December and hope that we will give you an exciting and memorable start to your Christmas celebrations.  

Amazing Animals!

Week beginning 11.11.19


What a great week it has been! On Monday we learnt even more about animals and luckily for us we even got to hold some. We were visited by a tortoise, guinea pigs, chinchillas, frogs and even a snake! Our teachers were so proud of us when we volunteered to hold the animals, some of us were even brave enough to hold a tarantula. We learnt so much about the animals and we were excellent at asking questions about their habitat and their diet. Take a look at some of our photos to see these wonderful creatures. 

Fire Engine Fun

Week beginning 4.11.19


We have had so much fun this week. On Monday some firefighters brought their amazing fire engine into school! We had a good look at the fire fighter's equipment which is stored in the sides of the engine. Some of us were allowed to spray some water from the hoses and we sat inside the engine too. After that, the firefighters talked to us about staying safe around fire works and we listened very carefully because we all understand how important this is. Take a look at our brilliant photos.

Staying Safe 

Week beginning 14.10.19


We are so proud of our sensible children. They are able to maturely discuss how to stay safe when using computers. In computing lessons this week, we have been learning that when working online, people may try to manipulate or trick others which can make someone feel sad. We reminded ourselves of the personal information we should keep private and identified people we could trust to talk to if we ever feel sad or feel something is wrong.  Your child has made a ' helping hand', which shows the names of their trusted adults. The 'helping hand' helps the children to know who to talk to should they ever be worried or upset – do talk about this with them. Click here to see the video we watched in class.


A huge thank you to everyone who came to our parents' evening. It was lovely to see you all. Every single child in year 2 deserves a big hug for always doing their absolute best. Well done year 2. What a fantastic first half term it has been!



Week beginning 7.10.19


What a fantastic day we had at Perlethope! We enjoyed every moment because everyone was so kind and brave. We used our fishing nets to find invertebrates in the river and then identified them with a special information card. Everyone got wet feet but we were having so much fun we didn't mind. We also went into the woods and found the food a badger might enjoy for his breakfast. Pretending to be little moles moving around the woods was really fun too. Thank goodness all those little moles had a guide to help them move around safely and carefully. A huge thank you to all our parent helpers, you were all fantastic and helped to make our trip a wonderful success!

Fantastic fruit salad!

Week beginning 30.9.19


We started off the week with our Harvest celebration. The children did some great poetry performances. The Year 2 children all made a fruit salad from their design and were able to select from a range of different fruits, including exotic ones. Many children were brave enough to try something new and even discover they actually liked it! Later on in the week we went out on a bug hunt and found lots of minibeasts while learning about microhabitats.

Also, a reminder that it is the trip next week and that children will need a waterproof coat, wellies (the taller the better), a change of top, bottoms and socks, gloves and a plastic bag for wet clothing. (But let's hope that is not needed!)

Writing Challenge Homework

Week beginning 23.9.19


We are all very excited because we have sent our writing challenge homework home this week. The writing challenges are designed to last until Christmas but if your child whizzes through them before the end of term please feel free to send their writing into school and we will share it with the class. We really can't wait to see the children's fantastic work. The challenges are designed to be fun and sometimes involve the grown up in doing the writing so that the children can be the teacher. Sp sharpen your pencils everyone and get ready to do some wonderful writing!

Little Mole Stories

Week beginning 16.9.19


Well we have really worked our socks off this week! The children have written fantastic stories using the book 'How Big Is The World?' as their inspiration. Each child has worked so hard and really impressed us with their amazing resilience. Our stories will soon be displayed in the classroom so please feel free to pop in and have a look. We will be looking at a new text next week called, 'The World Came To Our Place Today' although 'How Big Is The World?' will remain one of our favourite stories and hopefully Little Mole will still visit out classroom from time to time.

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Hoola Hoop Heroes

Week beginning 9.9.19


We've had another fantastic week at Woodthorpe. It has been wonderful to hear the children tell us how much they are enjoying making new friends in their classes. We really couldn't be prouder of our sensible year 2 children who are brilliant role models to the rest of the school. We've been so lucky with the weather this week too! The children have loved having a sunny September and have managed to enjoy some outdoor PE sessions. Take a look at our 'hoola hoop heroes'. They're awesome!

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A Super Start

Week beginning 3.9.19


We are so impressed with our fantastic WIS children! They have made a wonderful start to year 2 and are so ready to learn. The children have absolutely loved sharing their 'Little Mole' projects with the rest of the class and it has been so much fun seeing where everyone has been on holiday. We have been amazed by the fabulous reading that has taken place in the school holidays. Many of the children have taken part in the summer reading challenge and some have even moved up a book band already! WOW!