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Pupil Parliament

Everyone has a voice

At Woodthorpe Infant School, we believe all of our children deserve a voice and should be involved wherever possible in decisions that will impact on them. That is why we have a Pupil Parliament: a process that allows all the children in the school to learn about the British value of democracy through experiencing it.


It will involve meetings every three weeks to set and work on actions that all pupils can be involved in. For example, it could be around ways to keep the classrooms tidier or projects in the outdoor environment. Each term, two pupils will be elected by their classmates to represent them at the Pupil Parliament meetings which will be chaired by Mrs Bright. The 12 children elected will discuss what actions could be worked on then take it to a whole school vote. All pupils will then be responsible for contributing to making sure the actions are achieved.


Over the course of a year, 36 children will have the chance to be members of the Pupil Parliament and represent their class' views. The members will receive a badge to wear and will have some dedicated assembly time to feedback to the rest of school. This role supports our commitment to the teaching of British Values which include democracy and equality. We want your children to know they all have a voice and a part to play within the school community and sow the seeds for adulthood. We are very excited to see what ideas they come up with.