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Phonics at Woodthorpe Infant School

At Woodthorpe Infant School children are taught phonics every day for 15 - 20 minutes, following the Letters and Sounds programme.


In Foundation 2 children start by learning their single letter sounds, then move on to digraphs e.g. 'ch', 'sh', 'th' and trigraphs e.g. 'ear', 'air'. By the end of Foundation 2 they will have been taught all 44 sounds in the English language. They also learn common 'tricky words' which cannot be worked out phonetically and must be learnt by sight.


In Year 1 children move on to learning different spellings of the same sound e.g. 'ai' can also be spelt 'ay', 'a' and 'a-e' as in 'cake'. They also learn about different pronunciations of the same sound e.g. 'ch' can be pronounced as in 'chip' or as in 'school'. Children also continue to learn to read and spell their 'tricky words'.


In Year 2 children learn to read and spell many more 'tricky words' and other commonly used words. They also learn the rules for adding common prefixes and suffixes to change words e.g. -ful, -ment.