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New Starters 2019/20

Nearly there!

Week beginning 26.8.19


It's nearly time for the new classes 1 and 2 to start Woodthorpe Infant School. We are so excited to see you all on Tuesday. Please remember that the first two days are half days - check your initial allocation letters to confirm the time your child is due to attend (they will be in the same groups as they were in for the first stay and play). These sessions will be in small groups of 15 so that we can give the children lots of support and attention as they find their way around school and learn our routines. On Wednesday we will have a lunch to introduce the children to our lunch time routines (however for the morning children this will be at 11.00 and the afternoon children will be at 1.10pm so they may need extra snacks before or after their session!) Thursday will be a full day at the normal school times.


Please remember to bring book bags, water bottles (containing plain water only, no juice, squash, fizzy or flavoured water) and appropriate clothing (coat/ sun hat if the weather requires). PE kits can also be brought in to be kept on the children's pegs, however, we will not be changing for PE in the first week so feel free to bring these in at any time during the first week.


We can't wait to see you all on Tuesday, enjoy the rest of the holidays!

Outdoor Learning

Week beginning 22.7.19


The outdoor learning area is ready! We were very excited on Monday as the surfacing was completed on the outdoor learning area and the trim trail was all finished as well. A new shed has arrived to house the construction toys. Miss Tyler and Miss Sheppard then spent an afternoon organising the toys in the new sheds so that the children can easily access them and put them away. Everything has pictures and number symbols so that they can easily see where things go and how many need to be put there (we like to find ways of ensuring the children are learning without realising it, this is a great example of bringing maths into tidy up time!) The current Reception children have tested out the trim trail and it has their seal of approval - we hope the new children enjoy it just as much!

Picture 1

Lunch time

Week beginning 8.7.19


Lunch time is really exciting! Miss Charlesworth, our school cook, works really hard to make delicious meals every day. You will know what is on the menu by looking at our weekly newsletter which will be emailed to you every Friday. At lunchtime classes 1 and 2 will go into the dining hall. They will sit at the same place every day, with the same children, and 2 children from class 6 will act as servers and serve out the food to them. We pass the plates round to the right until everyone has their food. Children are encouraged to try their food, but it's fine to leave bits they don't like. As they are finishing, the midday supervisors come round the tables and offer any extra food, so children should put their hands up if they would like 'seconds'. Then the servers clear away the dishes and pudding is served - this time the children pass dishes round to the left. Then the midday supervisors (Mrs Henson in class 2, Mrs Chester and Mrs Cuthill in class 1) will ask the children to line up and come back to their classes to use the toilet and get coats ready to go and play outside.



Stay and Play

Week beginning 24.6.19


It was great to see so many of you at our stay and play sessions on Wednesday. We loved seeing all of you and introducing all the children to classes 1 and 2. We hope you enjoyed exploring our areas of learning - the children particularly seemed to enjoy printing, construction, our role play areas, playing with the cars and using the computers. Thank you for supporting your children on the stay and play, your support really helped to make the children feel relaxed and happy in their new environment.  We look forward to seeing you at the coffee morning on Friday 5th July 9.15-11.15am. Please could one parent bring each child into the classroom (if any other parents wish to attend you are more than welcome, but additional adults should go straight to the school hall to ensure that we have enough room in the classrooms). We would like you to stay and settle your child to an activity in the classroom, and then go out to the hall for a cup of coffee. Mr Hopkinson will do a short talk at 9.45am and then the rest of the session will be a chance to get to know the other parents. Then we would like you to exit the hall via the fire doors and come round to wait for your children in the early years garden so that they have chance to practise our going home routine.


Week beginning 10.6.19


At Woodthorpe we wear green and grey uniform. Children can choose to wear grey shorts, trousers, pinafore dres or skirt, with a polo shirt and green jumper or cardigan, or a green and white summer dress. At the moment we choose from white or green polo shirts but when the new children start in September we would like everyone to wear green polo shirts. Children wear sensible black shoes that they can take off and put on themselves, and that are safe for running, jumping and climbing. For PE, Foundation children just need black shorts and a white T shirt, which they keep on their pegs in a drawstring bag.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Celebrating our superstars

Week beginning 20.5.19


We always celebrate positive behaviour and encourage the children to have a 'growth mindset' - different skills that promote a great attitude to their learning. To support us with this we have a chart on the classroom windows. Each child has a name card, and every morning when they come in their name will be on the sunshine. If they have a good day, their name stays on the sunshine and we are very proud of them. If they do something particularly amazing, their name is moved up onto the rainbow, and if they do another fantastic thing their name is moved up onto the superstars. If children start to make the wrong choices with their behaviour, they are reminded of the correct behaviour, and if they continue to make the wrong choice their name is moved onto the grey cloud. When children are moved onto the grey cloud, we remind them of what the correct behaviour is, and support them to do the right thing and move back up onto the sunshine. The rain cloud is only used for very serious incidents e.g. hurting someone, and if this happens they are then supported to show the correct behaviour so that we can move them back up. 


Things they can do to move up onto the rainbow or the superstars include: being kind to other children; being helpful; showing respect e.g. by tidying up their toys when they have been playing; having great ideas with their learning; trying hard with anything; persevering with something they find tricky and showing independence. We are sure they are already practising lots of these things at home and at nursery.

Picture 1

Meet the staff

Week beginning 7.5.19


We would like to introduce you to the F2 teaching team. The class 1 team is Miss Sheppard (teacher) and Miss Gill (teaching assistant) and the class 2 team is Miss Tyler (teacher) and Mrs Offord (teaching assistant). We have already been in touch with the children's nursery settings and can't wait to meet you all. We will all get to know all of the children really well, as although children are based in their classes for indoor activities, we have free flow throughout the day and the four adults take it in turns to work with the children outside. Additionally, we always have a 'play ranger' who supports the children when learning through play, and moves between the two classes, and again the adults all take turns working in this role.


Challenge for the children - can you work out who is who?

Miss Sheppard is wearing a spotty top.

Miss Gill has long curly hair.

Miss Tyler is wearing a blue cardigan.

Mrs Offord is wearing a necklace.

The F2 teaching team

The F2 teaching team 1

Learning Areas

Week beginning 22.4.19


Throughout the day we have lots of 'free flow' time, where the children can choose from a range of learning areas inside and outside the classroom. These areas include construction (e.g. Lego), small world (imaginative play), role play, writing areas, reading area, malleable area (e.g. play dough), maths area, sand/ water area, making area (craft) and ICT area. Our adults take turns to be the 'play ranger' which involves supporting the children with their play, extending their learning (e.g. if they have made a model, challenging them to see if they can improve it), and looking after any children who hurt themselves. Children are allowed to move freely between their classroom and the outdoor learning area, so if they are in class 1 they quickly make friends in class 2, and vice versa!


Inside our classrooms - learning areas

Important dates for new starters 2019


Wednesday 19th June 2019 - 6pm - New Parents' meeting

Mr Hopkinson and the Foundation team will welcome you to Woodthorpe Infant School and provide key information about our school, the transition process and starting arrangements for September.


Wednesday 26th June 2019 - AM - Stay and play

Parents and children will be invited to visit their child's new class and meet the staff, either from 9.15-10.15am or 10.45-11.45am (times to be confirmed nearer the time).


**FRIDAY 5TH JULY 2019** - Visit 9.15-11.15am (PLEASE NOTE THIS DATE HAS BEEN CHANGED - We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.)

Bring your child to their new class and once they are settled, stay for a coffee and a chat with other parents. This will also include the opportunity to meet some of our other staff and after school club providers.


Tuesday 9th July 2019 - Visit 1.30-3.15pm for children only

This is a chance for the children to spend time in their new class with all their new friends. 


Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th July 2019 - Home visits

This is a chance for you to ask any questions and share important information about your child on an individual basis. If you would like a home visit from your child's teacher and teaching assistant, please sign up for a home visit at the new parents' meeting on 19th June.



Welcome to Woodthorpe!

Week beginning 15.4.19

Welcome to all new parents and children who have been offered a place at Woodthorpe Infant School for 2019-20. We are really looking forward to meeting you all and working with you over the next three years, and we hope that you enjoy being part of our school community.


School is currently closed for the Easter break. When we are back at school, Mrs Hunt and Miss Bucknall (our office team) will be sending out information packs to all new parents, which provide more details about our school, and the procedures in place for the next few weeks to ensure a smooth transition for your children. You should receive these by the beginning of May, and we would appreciate it if you could return the paperwork to us as soon as possible.


Miss Tyler (Foundation Stage leader) will also be contacting nursery settings to ask for more information about your children (if they have any additional needs and who their friends are). This will be used to allocate the classes, and you will receive details of your child's class after the May half term break. If your child currently attends a nursery, please make sure that they know your child will be moving to Woodthorpe Infant School. 


Please keep checking this page as we will be updating it regularly throughout the summer term with information and photographs which we hope you will share with your children to help them become familiar with school.


Many thanks

The Woodthorpe Team