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Foundation 2


Welcome to Classes 1 and 2. Our team consists of Miss Sheppard (class 1 teacher), Miss Gill (class 1 TA), Miss Tyler and Mrs Burton (class 2 teachers) and Mrs Offord (class 2 TA).  We also have some amazing people working to support specific children in each class. Class 1 are supported by Miss Slater and Mrs Chambers whilst Mrs Kaplan and Mrs Hensen support children in class 2. We love learning through play and spend our days being busy, active and often messy in our indoor and outdoor learning areas. Learning is planned around stories, chosen to engage and excite the children. Please check our website regularly to see the fun we have been having!

Pebble Painting!

Week beginning 20.9.21


This week we have been painting pebbles for our school 'pebble pathway'. We have also painted large stones with our class names on. Can you spot them on your way up the driveway when you come to school? We have also been learning about 3D shapes. We know 3D shapes are solid shapes and are beginning to recognise and name some of these shapes. Why not go on another shape hunt around your house? Can you find a sphere, cube or cuboid? Your child will bring a reading book home with them soon. Share it together and see if they can spot any phonemes we have been learning in school. If they are ready, they can try and blend (push) the sounds together to read the words. Next week we will be reading and enjoying the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt". Do read and enjoy the story together at home if you have it! Thank you to everyone to came to our school fair. Mrs Burton and Miss Sheppard enjoyed themselves!

Tidying up!

Week beginning 13.9.21


This week we have been learning to name, recognise and describe 2d shapes - square, circle, triangle and rectangle. Have a look around your house to see what shapes you can find - what shape is your bedroom window? We have also been enjoying learning new letter sounds and we now know the phonemes s, a, t, p, i, n, m and d. Your child will have received a spelling booklet. Inside are words we will be teaching your children to read and write over the year. Please don't worry about teaching your child to spell these words just yet! Thank you for sharing the books with your children that they have brought home. We want the children to develop a love of stories and there's nothing better than snuggling up together with a story! At school, we encourage the children to put away what they are using before they choose to go somewhere else. You can help them by encouraging them to do this at home too! Thank you for all your support over these first few weeks while the children are settling in to their new routines.

First full week

Week beginning 06.9.21


What an amazing week we have had!  The children have been super brave and enjoyed lots of delicious school lunches. At lunch times, the Year 2 children serve the dinners and when the children have finished eating they can go out to play. Do encourage your child to try all the food they are given - they may discover a new food they really like!  Your child has been given a reading diary this week and they have chosen a story book to share with you at home. There are some instructions at the beginning that explain how they are to be used and also some details of our school approach to reading.


During the week we have enjoyed reading the story of Goldlilocks and the Three Bears. We then made some 'porridge' for Goldilocks by cutting, tearing and punching holes in paper. We even showed Mr Hopkinson how to add a pipette of paint into the porridge!  Class 1 have also made their very own lion to represent their class name 'Lovely Lions' whilst Class 2 have collaged a bee to represent their class name 'Bold Bees'. Both classes have also painted their class animal onto a large stone. See if you can spot them at the bottom of the school drive!


We are very proud of all the children this week!

A Great Start To Starting School!

Week beginning 30.8.21


We have had a great start to the new school year. The children have been absolutely amazing. They have shown how brave they can be by giving their parents a kiss at the door and coming into school completely independently (well done parents).


They have been thrilled to see old friends and have already started to make new ones too. The half days have been helpful in enabling the children to get to know the school environment and the adults that work with them. The children have had lots of fun exploring and the adults have enjoyed getting to know your child better. 


Many thanks to you all for supporting the children with everything they need for their school day. On Wednesdays, the children will be doing PE in the morning. Please ensure they bring a named drawstring bag with their PE kit in (black shorts and a white T-shirt). This will stay in school for the half term and be sent home in October. Also, just a quick reminder they need their book bags in school everyday, a water bottle filled with just water (no squash or flavoured water), a coat as we will be going outside everyday and please label all clothing with your child's name.


Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to lots more fun next week.