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Online Safety Podcast



Today we had fun recording our very first podcast to mark Online Safety Day which will be shared with the school. We all contributed to the ideas and identified important information we wanted to share. You can listen to it here.

Presents for the staff



Today we presented a portable USB camera to every teacher. We also helped Miss Tyler set her camera up. The cameras will help them display work and teaching resources on the class screens and also enable them  to quickly and easily showcase and review children's work. Thank you very much Friends of Woodthorpe for funding them! We also began to think creatively how we will mark Online Safety Day on 8th February. 

Christmas Elves



Today we were Christmas Elves and helped Class 2 with their Christmas party by playing the music for their games. We also cleaned the school ipads. It's been a busy term and we're very grateful to the Digital Leaders for all their help.

Final Christmas card editing



Today we edited our Christmas card designs and added text. Mr Hopkinson will now chose which design he prefers and send it to be printed ready to send to people in the community. Here's a sneak preview of some of our designs!

School Christmas card



Today we started designing a school Christmas card for Mr Hopkinson to send to his special friends! We used an app called Fresh Paint to edit some images of the school. Next time we'll add a greeting to our images using Canva. We had some lovely ideas!

Ozobot training



Mrs Burton is training the teachers on how to use our Ozobots soon so we helped her prepare today. We explored how the Ozobots can be programmed by drawing lines using felt tip pens and then recorded some top tips for the teachers. Watch our top tip video here.

New Digital Leader Lanyards



We made name badges today for our new Digital Leader Lanyards. We love them and feel so special wearing them!

Digital Leaders Appointed



This year we have five amazing Digital Leaders. Together with Mrs Burton they will be helping staff and children learn new skills, making sure everyone is aware how to stay safe and happy online and creating a variety of media. What an awesome bunch!