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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1


This is the page for Class 3 and 4. You will be able to find out about our exciting learning experiences in school each week and see photos of us having fun. We'll also post some links to learning resources we've used in school so you can continue learning at home!  Make sure you  also visit the Airhead section where you will find different online resources to help with your learning.

Nearly There!

Week beginning 10.12.18


Another milestone in the countdown to the holidays has been reached this week with the KS1 performance.  While the Year One children were understandably nervous they were also very proud of their dances, and keen to perform for their audience. It was a fantastic experience for them all. A big thank you to all of you who came to our first Christmas Fair. The year one classes raised just over £180.


Preparation for the Christmas Fair

Week beginning 3.12.18


Christmas is very much in evidence in school this week. Our first Christmas Jumper Day was a great success. The children loved showing off their jumpers and the year 1 classes brought in a lot of chocolate too! The children learned new skills in Art and Design Technology as they enjoyed making for the Christmas fair. They are all looking forward to showing adults the dances they have learned for the school nativity.



Materials and Capacity

Week beginning  26.11.18


New vocabulary is never easy to retain and  the Year One children should be congratulated on their efforts this week to learn new words to describe materials and capacity. They enjoyed the practical activities which helped them understand some of the properties of materials. They learned about the difference between volume and capacity. This week Class 4 are sad to say goodbye to Mrs Bencherif who has been teaching in Class for four weeks. However she will be rejoining us at Easter.

Money and PE

Week beginning 19.11.18


It's incredible how many Year One children believe that money comes from a hole in the wall or from a piece of plastic! Nonetheless they have worked hard to learn about the value of the coins and how to use them. At the other end of the scale the children are really enjoying having the opportunity to develop their skills, jumping from large apparatus. They have really taken up the challenge to better their skills.

Children in Need

Week beginning 12.11.18


Children in Need has provided a very exciting end to the week in classes 3 and 4. The children are beginning to appreciate that some people aren't as fortunate as they are and they were very excited to be allowed to dress in crazy pyjamas. In other areas of the curriculum the children have been learning how to half and quarter shapes and quantities. They have been very interested to find out about Diwali.





Safety Week

Week beginning 5.11.18


The children have settled well following their holiday and have enjoyed the activities surrounding Safety Week. They have been so inspired that many now want to be firefighters or work on lifeboats! A workshop on the senses has helped them work out where their senses are located and how they use them. The children have all come back well rested and very enthusiastic about their learning.

What a great half term!

Week beginning 22.10.18


This first half term has gone so quickly! The children have settled brilliantly into Year 1 and are making good progress. We have had an busy week, exploring 2d shape further, sorting shapes online on purple mash and writing our own stories based on 'Who am I?'. We have learnt how to add the suffix -est to adjectives such as soft and bright to make softest and brightest when writing sentences in our story.

Thank you for your support this half term - it was lovely to see so many of you at parents evening.  A few parents have asked for further information to support their child's learning at home. In Year 1, children are expected to form all lowercase and capital letters correctly.  When they can do this, we teach them to write 'pre-cursive' letters that will help them join when they are in Year 2.  Below are some documents that will help you practice correct letter formation with your child.When reading, knowing that some letters work with others to make one sound can help when sounding out words e.g. the sound 'ai' in rain.  Click here to see a video of phonemes children are expected to say and use when reading. Have a great half term! 
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Welcome Miss Crabtree!  Miss Crabtree has been in for the past few days getting to know the children in Class 3 and becoming familiar with routines.  She has made a great start and is looking forward to teaching them after half term.

Who am I?

Week beginning 15.10.2018


The Year One children made animal puppets with 2d shapes to support their learning in Maths, Literacy and Design Technology. They had a lovely time using the puppets while they learned to retell the story-Who am I?  by Gervasse Phinn (see story on YouTube here)  In the process their cutting skills have improved and they are beginning to identify some of the properties of 2d shapes!

Here is the story plan Class 3 made to help them retell the story 'Who am I?' by Gervase Phinn.  See the video of Class 3 retelling the story here.

Emmet the Guide Dog

Week beginning 8.10.2018


The children had a lovely treat this week when Emmet the Guide Dog came to visit class 3 and 4. They asked some very perceptive questions of his owner, about the life of a person who is partially sighted. This experience should prove very useful when the children learn about their Super Senses after half term. Other activities this week have included developing fine motor skills, finishing clay animals, writing sentences with verbs and learning how to make 10 and 20. See this link for a fun YouTube song about number bonds to 10.  This week please help become confident in recalling number partners that make 10 or 20.

Clay Animals

Week beginning 1.10.18


This week we have had great fun making animal models from clay, looking carefully at the structure of the animals we were making. I'm sure you'll agree from the photos that the children have done at a great job.  Making these models has reinforced learning in other areas of the curriculum.  We have also used adjectives to describe animals and practised writing letters c, a and d, amongst other things!

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Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Week beginning 17.09.18


Year 1 visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park this week and enjoyed finding out about the animals on site.  We saw wallabies, brown bears, squirrel monkeys, polar bears and meerkats.  The education staff on site helped us to think about grouping animals in different ways - reptiles, mammals, birds and insects.


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