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Woodthorpe Infant School will support and nurture every child to achieve their potential and to celebrate their development into happy, confident and independent learners

Who's Who

MEMBERS OF STAFF                                                 (Curriculum responsibilities)

Head Teacher                                              Ms S Mackay

Deputy Head Teacher                                 Ms M McGuinness  (literacy)

Teachers                                                         Ms C O’Hanlon       (Geography/History/Healthy Schools/PE)                   

                                                                        Mrs N Burton          (Computing)

                                                                        Mrs S Bright           (Special Needs/Gifted&Talented/Numeracy)   

                                                                        Miss S Tyler          (literacy/Art and DT)                 

                                                                        Mrs J Lewis             (RE)                                                            

                                                                        Mrs M Sellers        (Science)

                                                                        Miss S Need         (Music)                                                                                       


Teaching Assistants                                       Mrs J Bucknall, Miss H Gill, Mrs D Harvey,

                                                                        Mrs R Offord, Mrs L Richardson, Mrs C Fennell

                                                                        (All hold full First Aid accreditation)  

                                                                         Mrs A Bridgmount


                                                                        Next Level Sports PE Coaches


Office Manager                                                Mrs S Hunt (Holds Full First Aid Creditation)

Administrative Assistant                               Miss H Bucknall (holds Full First Aid Creditation)


Caretaker                                                        Mr K Brandon


Cook Supervisor                                             Mrs G Charlesworth


Cooks                                                             Miss S Brown, Mrs G Johnson,


Mid-day Supervisors                                       Mrs K Phillips, Mrs S Sheri, Miss S Neat,

                                                                 Mrs R Kaplan, Miss C Lucas, Mrs D Chester,

                                                                    Mrs E Cuthill, Mrs M Barnes