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Woodthorpe Infant School will support and nurture every child to achieve their potential and to celebrate their development into happy, confident and independent learners

Governing Body Who's Who

Welcome to the Governors' section


Name & Category of Governor Term of Office Committee Commitment Roles and Responsibilities

Dr Gary Jones

LA Governor

14/11/2013 to 13/11/2017

Chair of Governing Board

Pay Committee

F & P Committee

Appraisal Governor

Curriculum links to IT

Mrs Sheila Jacques

Co opted Governor

2/4/2015 to 1/4/2019

Vice Chair of Governing Board

F & P Committee

Safeguarding Governor

Curriculum links to Literacy


Mr Karl Dukes

Parent Governor

22/1/2015 to 21/1/2019

Pay Committee

F & P Committee

Appraisal Governor

Curriculum links to Numeracy

Health & Safety

Mrs Karen Schofield

Parent Governor

12/6/2015 to 11/6/2019 Chair of C & P Committee Curriculum links to Foundation subjects: History, Art & Design, Music


Coopted Governor


Ms Sharon Mackay


3/9/2003 All Committees Responsible to Governing Board

Fran Cropper

Co opted Governor

13/10/16 to 12/10/19

F & P

Pay Committee

Training Coordinator

Curriculum links to Geography

Sarah Spencer

Parent Governor

14/11/17 to 13/11/20 C & P

Curriculum links to PE


Caroline Ford

Co opted Governor

13/10/16 to 12/10/19 C & P

Links to SEND

Curriculum links to Science

Pupil Premium

Marie McGuinness

Staff Governor

25/9/17 to 24/9/20 C & P

Curriculum links to Assessment/standards

F & P = Finance and Personnel Committee; C & P = Curriculum and Pupils Committee

Governor pecuniary and business Interests

No Governors have declared a financial or business interest that would conflict with their roles and responsibilities. This is part of each Governor meeting in order that Governors may state any conflict of interest in relation to the proposed agenda and withdraw if necessary.

No Governor has identified that they are involved with the governance of any other educational establishment.

Governor Statement of Behaviour Principles.

Governor Attendance

Governor attendance can be audited by reviewing the minutes of the full Governor meetings.